She: A Confession {Five Minute Friday}


She’s framed in a 5 inch square of tin and she wears a white twin set, the sweaters dating her at  least 15 years earlier than today.

And she’s smiling, her arms long and lean, her left hand resting on her right arm and she wears a solitary emerald cut diamond set in platinum.

She’s a lady in waiting and in her little square, no one knows her heart’s deepest secrets or the way she knows the number of calories and fat grams in every single piece of food that passes her lips.

No one knows that she’s consumed with thoughts of food or that she weighs herself incessantly or that even as she’s smiling she’s worried that she won’t appear thin enough in the Sunday paper engagement spread.

She’s eat up with her lack of eating, and still she smiles.


I walk past her smile a dozen times a day and most days I miss that girl.

I miss her extra small tops and size 2 jeans and her handle on food.

But there are other days, when I pause to put things away in the drawers that rest beneath her, and I find myself compelled to shake the girl framed in tin.

I want to shake the smile off her face and push a scone across the table and tell her to eat it.

I want to tell her to stop wasting her years counting calories and grams of fat and live in the fullness of Christ.

And I want to tell her that in just a few short years, her perfect little body will give birth to 6 perfect babies, and SHE will be free.


5-minute-friday-1 As always, I am joining with a beautiful community of writers over at Lisa-Jo’s Five Minute Friday where we all write, for 5 minutes flat, on a particular prompt.  Today’s prompt is SHE.  Join the rest of the community here?






  1. This is wonderful, Lori. Thanks for sharing. And as you know, “me too” is one of the most freeing statements in the English language.

  2. Lori, I love this. So much. Walking towards that freedom in my life and I am so grateful you shared this.

  3. I was talking with a coworker today about how thin we were years ago. I remember being very pretty but also very hungry and sad that I wasn’t eating all I wanted. It is nice to be full and content even if I’m not so gorgeous!!

  4. Love this! Everything you described is what so many women face on a regular basis. And there is beautiful, sweet freedom in Christ and the gifts He gives to us… like babies! Wonderful post!

  5. Lori-absolutely beautiful-FREE, that is what I long to be FREE in Christ my Lord and Savior.

    I needed to read your words today… saved one person from choosing good health over the worldly desire and attachment to be thin.

    I CHOOSE, by God’s grace HIm, Jesus my Lord, My God , my Savior and my King!

    God bless you Lori!

    Everything is Grace,


  6. Dear Lori
    Been there; done that, so I understand. But that is not where our Pappa left us; He walked us through this for His glory.
    Blessings XX

  7. I’m still journeying towards “free” – thanks for sharing your heart and,as usual, doing it with such grace!

  8. Love this post! For so many reasons but foremost, it is in freedom that we are the most beautiful, no matter the size tag on our jeans. Beautiful & poignant reminder.

  9. Love this. Free!

  10. Yes! I love how this story ends. God is good and you are beautiful. Freedom’s the MOST beautiful. :) Amazing writing as always, my friend.


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